Timber-framed houses

The wood frame is the future in construction. In fact, the governement in Belgium decided to impose from 2015 in Brussels and in Wallonia from 2018 the construction of passive houses. In this comparison below, here are the differences between the type of construction.

  • Low Energy: This type of construction is implementing excellent insulation techniques. It provides K values ​​(thermal conductivity) around 30W/mK and E (energy content) of 60 kWh/m². This is equivalent to 6l oil /m²/year and represents a saving of 50-60 % compared to a conventional house.
  • Passive: The latest technology in housing construction are used here. Excellent insulation, frames and glazing performance, absence of thermal bridge are clearly necessary to obtain such results. The K value ranges from 10 to 20W/mK and E 30kWh/m². The fuel consumption of this building is approximately 1.5l/m²/year. Energy consumption is reduced to 15% of conventional construction.
  • Zero Energy: This is the convergence of passive construction techniques related to the energy of the building. By adding solar panels, heat exchangers and heat pump systems, so the house is self-sufficient in energy.
  • Eco Zero Energy Building: We want more of these techniques, ensuring the use of building materials ina  large part recycled or recyclable . This is to reduce the maximum carbon and energy generated by the construction but also by the use of the building footprint!

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