Did you know that the oldest wooden house in Europe known date of 1208 and is located in Switzerland? Scandinavian building techniques which are several hundred years old help to realize the longevity of wooden buildings. Want more? Many hundred years old wooden buildings such as half-timbered houses in the Aveyron, Lot, Normandy Alsace, etc ... demonstrates wood has played a very large part in their longevity and resistance to years.

Eco Building houses are designed to last for many years. For example, the structural strength of the roof is meant to carry a load equivalent to two feet of snow !

Fire resistance

Compared to other materials, wood is particularly resistant to fire. In case of fire , the wood :

  • Transmits 10 times slower heat than concrete, 250 times slower than steel
  • does not explode but burn and consume itself slowly,
  • keep longer than other materials its mechanical capacities
  • During a fire, the timber is covered with a carbon layer which retards the combustion of the lower layers.

It is for these reasons that some fire resistant elements (such as doors) are composed mainly of wood.

Due to its characteristics , the timber is considered a reliable material. In fact:

  • Firefighters are allowed to intervene as long as a wood frame structure in a concrete or steel
  • Insurers require no premium to ensure a wooden building against fire,
  • Local authorities choose wood for the construction of multifamily buildings (homes, schools, kindergartens , gyms ... ) .